10 Best Kayak Carts In 2021

Best Kayak Carts

Looking for best kayak carts? Yes, you’re at the right place. Read further to know about it.


You have your paddles!!   and  have your Kayak!!  

What comes next  ??  

It is often neglected by many kayakers but if you are smart and planned enough you would not repeat the common mistakes. Work smarter not harder ….to ease yourself against overworking, always keep an upper hand in the run.

Avoid infertile labor or tiring dragging of your kayak from the mainland, to the shore side. Kayak carts are one of those essential accessories that one must go for to gear up if you invest in the business or even if it is just a hobby.

Should You Really Invest In Carts?

Lake outlines are rarely closer to the highways and are generally submerged within the dense forest where cars or trucks could not possibly reach hence carrying or literally dragging  Kayak till there marks the beginning of your fishing day.

This tiring task successfully kills the motivation and patience of fishing and certainly brings down the efficiency of your hunt that could have been better otherwise. Fishing isn’t about taking chances, that is why it is better to add a cart to your kayak suiting best to your preferences.

Well now if you are convinced enough with our detailing on the importance of a Kayak cart, Let’s dive into our options from the list and finalize your pick of purchase.

Why Exactly Do You Need One?

Kayak’s cart isn’t some highly mechanized or technically designed gadget, It is just a two-wheeled trolley that enhances the mobility of your Kayak and makes it feasible and simple to move.

Buying a cart wasn’t counted as a big deal earlier but ever since more and more manufactures stepped into the field and added to the initial features of carts available, this port dolly’s requirements have also become very precise and accurate, Hence to undone all the knots of doubts like which one to go for, this article has concluded the best kayak carts list after a reviewed jump in their feedbacks and market value.

Must Analyse One Thing Before Buying The Cart, That The Purpose Of It, Is To Reduce The Weight And Portability Load Hence The Cart Itself Shouldn’t Be A Complicated Bulky Turf.

Although Kayak isn’t very spacy and huge let alone their small size has a huge bulky mass which is not easy to be carried and tagged along through the dragging journey of rough and deserted sandy lands. Granting restoring comfort to the issue, many Kayak Designers have taken the chance to build their own carts, which is helpful in comparing their features and come up with a cart suiting best for you.

Taking out one of the most tiring and lengthy work out of the box, this cart helps in keeping the target-specific and versatile for the fisherman. 

Make Sure To Check These Boxes Before Finalizing Your Choice –

  • Is It Too Bulky?
  • Will It Disturb The Kayak While Being Hatched To It In The Sea?
  • Will It Be Strong Enough To Carry My Kayak
  • Can I Assemble And Disassemble It Easily?
  • Is It Too Expensive For Its Quality?

Taking references from diverse courts of Kayakers, we have put down “A Must Satisfy List ”, which can help you in recreating your preferences before opting for your final purchase. 

  1. Weight Limits

Be sure to have subtle demands of very limited weight capacity. The intention of the cart is marked at carrying those bulky Kayaks and a good quality cart must be able to do it satisfactorily and securely.

The ideal weight of the cart is approximately  9 to 10 pounds which can carry a load of at least 300 pounds. 

It shouldn’t be a very complicated machinery set of design, since you cannot take the chance of sparing enough time in putting a wheeled cart together and then reshuffling it again after each return. 

The cart should be adjustable and compatible enough to loop the tunnel and V-Hulls. While packing the cart in hatches it is easy to take on the easily breakable dolly.

  1. Tools Of Set Up

Bulky tools may add to the extra and complicated form of the cart which is a disadvantage undeniably. Although being lightweight the cart must be stiff enough to stay erect while loading and unloading the Kayak off it.

For this purpose, they are generally equipped with a stand-stiff-spring to adjust the shifts of weight and emptiness within it. Enhancing the spectacularity of the product many of them are often equipped with a pre-installed storage section.

If the carts wheeled aren’t rubber stuffed and can suffer from inflating troubles then it is always best to be prepared and go along with a pump.

  1. Build Of In’s And Out’s

Better build comes with an agile still hollow material that facilitates the terms of being strong still light .

Today carts are commonly made up of metal,  Aluminium because of their tensile strength and shiny appearance. Steels and other alloys of such are boycotted today owing to their husky and grating structures.

Assembling and disassembling the carts comes as a big question and it’s better done if it could be packed within your hatches to avoid the unattended cart left on the shore making it liable of being misplaced or lost.

  1. Hoops

Portability, the fact in question, is possible due to wheels inserted within these carts and hence carry a great weightage in defining the quality of a cart. They should be strong, filial, light, and easy to carry. C-Tug by Railblaza has been placed as the best version by many experienced kayakers.

The rubber-solid wheels are the non-inflated ones that serve best on rough and constrictor tracks of the terrain while the balloon inflated ones, although come with a greater price of maintenance but serve well on loosely sanded soils and tracks.

  1. Kayaks Bind To The Cart

Keeping kayak safe on carts and carrying it with security is the priority here. Better  Carts come with a cam- strap or cord that holds the Kayak well and tightly. Elastomeric polymer pads on the saddles with Thermo features hold it in place without much distribution and jerks to the Kayak.

If your cart satisfies these above-mentioned lists then Congratulations! Your work is done. But if not then keep reading this article for your shopping guide.


  • Never try to tow your cart loaded with your kayak with your car or truck or any vehicle as it may damage both cart and kayak.
  • Do not load your kayak on your cart when there are people inside it since it may exceed the weight limit causing danger to your cart.
  • Always before beginning your journey check the proper fastening, hardware, and tools of the cart to ensure safe and secure transportation.

Searching for your Kayaks cart comes down to several factors that may define your choice. The best step for this hunt would be to acknowledge their basic types and then bend towards more specific features on the scale accordingly.

Although not very confetti, Dolly comes with different constructs that can be categorized into three basic sets –

1. Plug-in Types Dolly

Going by their name these carts are the Plug-in types, where they can be added to the Kayak in the sockets available.

These are easy to slide on and carry your Kayak for long distances but are limited to certain restricted types of Kayak. If your Kayak is a Sit-On-Type Kayak, then this cart must be the best option!!  for you but if not then it may turn useless to you.

2. CAM  Strap DOLLY 

These carts cover a wide range of Kayaks because they can be strapped at the rooftop of your cars using the cables provided without any worries. The straps are strong enough to be sure of and take a small amount of time in settling.


These are the set of carts that can be attached to the kayak’s ending. They are not useful for the Kayak with wide designs and prove to be of poor performance. Can be easily deployed as a carriage when going in the sea.

Best Kayak Carts

The market today has a diverse variety of these Kayak carts and choosing one from them often complicates this decision, Well! Don’t worry! We have lessened this burden for you and jotted down a guide of “ BEST KAYAK CARTS”.

1. C-Tug Kayak Trolley Cart

Being the top trending product on Amazon.com this cart has all the great features that one might look for. Equipped with solid and non-inflatable wheels, which have a tight and strong grip on the terrain making them compatible with any type of surface. 

Avoiding any tangling accessories this cart comes with very specific and limited tools and can be easily assembled and disassembled.

Following the ideal norms, the cart merely weighs 10 pounds, making it considerably light and simple for carrying as well as transporting it while being hatched.

Inspite of being such light weighted this cart can lift and move around a total of 300 pounds Kayaks . 

Designed with the most durable and advanced characteristic materials this cart has strengthened with composite and flexible materials, thermo- elastomeric polymer hull straps, and stainless steel equipped axles. Will serve for years since it is developed with an all not-rusting purpose. 

In addition, C-Tug comes with an adjustable kickstand. These features together label it the most obvious choice for any kayaker.

The Railblaza C-Tug with its splendid features turns out to be the most versatile and tensile kayak cart in the market today.


  • Easy at assembling and eventually disassembling to store back on a kayak while being hatched.
  • Highly durable and can carry up to a weight of 300 pounds.
  • Lightweight and weighs only 10 pounds.


  • Straps are not really flexible and strong. 
  • No bearings are available on the cart. 
  • Wheels aren’t very satisfactory as they only have plastic/polycarbonate. 

2. ABN Universal Kayak Carrier

Best known for its compatibility with storage and transportation where a simple lynching pin could be helpful enough in removing and easily carrying the tires.

The cart is a feasible and sorted design that can be stored in a large backpack or can be pin-hinged to your vessel while being on the water. 

Although coming with a plastic built, keeping in check the minimum weightage limit of being the only 8LBS, It still offers high strength and robust cart which on the loaded note has a  weight limit of over 200 Pounds.

Its anodized steel construct, emphasizes the assurance of a long-lasting period of usage. Inflatable tyres are easy to remove and joined again with a strong grip and held tightly,  allowing a very smooth movement of the cart strapping your Kayak along rough surfaces of loose and bouncy sand, gravel, and muddy terrains. 

Wheels with the flat table tires undoubtedly increase the burden of carrying pumps and spare and account for the unreasonably loaded cart but this hassle occurs rarely and these tires prove to be a better version in loose and muddy surfaces where Solid-Rubber tires fail to function smoothly.

ABN Universal’s this dolly determines the best way for keeping your kayak non-dented and protected against any scratches because of its oversized foam bumper paddings design.

Provided with a 12-foot cam-strap that is agile enough to secure your kayak within the cart and the construct also involves a bumper kickstand for ensuring the safe and secure loading and unloading of your kayak on the cart.

Falling under a well-known name in the market, the ABN Universal cart has the best combination of plastic and metal construction with an aggregate dimension of 22×9.2×13 inches . The car serves well for its name and proves to be a utilizing choice in the long run of business.


  • Available with a pretty compact size that is easy to fold and pack.
  • Enough weight capacity and can be carried securely.
  • Good choice for muddy and sandy terrains 


  • Flat table tires can cause extra expenses for the cart.
  • Not exactly transportable while in water because hinging in the vessel isn’t good enough in it.

3. Bonnlo Kayak Cart Canoe Carrier Trolley with NO-Flat Airless Tires Wheels 2 Ratchet Strap

Wrapped up with completely modernized characteristic features,  the cart is built entirely with aluminium solid in’s and out’s frame.  along with each arm being protected by the in-fitted rubber bumpers against any form of wearing and tearing to your cart.

Coming with a generous weight carrying capacity of 165LB facilitating easy transport of even high and bulky kayaks without any restricted coverings of straps and still remains lightweight itself.

Augmenting these robust features of the frame the cart comes with solid tires of dimensions 10” D * 3” W which is helpful enough in facilitating a smooth, non-jerky and convenient experience of transportation. 

This trolly is very easy to assemble and disassemble without any requirement of complicated tools to be carried along. it breaks into a small cluster of  Metallic pieces that can be easily packed and carried for the further journey. 

In addition to this, the cart comes with a spring-loaded stand which keeps the dolly erect and stiff enough on the shore for easy and safe loading on the cart without any trouble.

A 7.75 ft Ratchet strap comes along in the accessory list of the card which can be fastened safely to attach your kayak to the cart and ensure transportation till the onshore.


  • The tires do not stink and are airless, making it a low-maintenance product.
  • The product is easy to fold and carry.
  • The cart folds down very easily making it easy to carry and pack.
  • Coming with a fantastic framework of aluminum that can’t go wrong for the price and works well for even the hefty weightage works.


  • The solid rubber tires are adequate for loose, deep, and muddy sands, you would rather prefer dragging it on such lands since the wheels won’t work here.
  • The straps available are flexible to greater limits causing the kayak to slide and twist while dragging.
  • Hatching to the vessel is also a problem in these carts.         

4. Suspenz Smart Airless DLX Kayak Cart

Narrowing the troubles the suspense smart card comes with airless tires which seizes the opportunity of hindrance in your journey and offers you the best of experience making it worthy of its price.

The card is built with a powder-coated aluminum frame along with an amazing listing feature of stainless steel frame assuring the long-lasting workability of the cart.

Compatible enough with a weightage of 125LBS.As soon as the transportation is done this cart can be folded into a mesh bag helping you with inconvenient transportation.

Assuring the stiffness for the safe loading of the kayak on the cart has four legs for balancing that later on can be retracted when you start pulling your cart.


  • It has sturdy and Agile built.
  • Comes along with a double strap to fasten your kayak.


  • The mesh bag on folding turns out  to be heavy and does not facilitate been hinged to  the kayak
  • The rubber padding,  available for avoiding tearing, seems smaller for their job.
  • Not quite compatible with Kayaks weighing over 150 lbs.

5. TMS CART KAYAK-KY001 Boat Kayak Carrier Tote Trolley

TMS Canoe comes with the capacity of carrying stuff of over 150 lbs and constitutes the tie-down strap technique to hold the canoe.

The cart comes with an all-built metal frame of anodized stainless steel and aluminum pipe, comprising foam bumpers that outline each arm for protecting your kayak against wear and tears.

Supporting the balancing features of the stand the cart comes with a large 9-1/4” H spring-loaded stand for keeping the stand stiff and popped enough for easy and quick loading and unloading of the carriage.

In addition to these, this cart comes with large and non-flat table tires which are built on full solid-rubber tires that roll smoothly across sands and troofs. 

These large 9-1/2”  diameter flat free hoops are adequate enough for even as well as rough tracks especially those sandy and deserted barren areas.


  • The construct of the cart does not really contain any heavy build and hence can be easily disassembled using the included pins.
  • The balancing stand is stable.


  • The tires STINK, this is common feedback given to this cart.
  • This cart cannot support huge Kayaks.

6. Malone Clipper Deluxe Universal Kayak Cart

Complying with its name the framework of this cart is compatible enough with any type of Canoe or kayak Never-getting-flat tyres are the airless ones and built with a 10” dimension.

The accessories coming along the cart are the tiedown straps, to keep your kayak in place. In addition to these, an oversized padded frame will protect your kayak along the jerky terrains.

The card is built for carrying 200 pounds and under weightage and can stabilize the shocks and still stays stiff while loading and unloading with the help of its spring stand balancer.


  • Any type of terrain features fine for this cart.
  • The framework is quite stable and durable
  • With the durable  straps attached to  the kayaks, It stays in place and reach the destination securely


  • The cart itself is quite heavy and bulky adding inconvenience to the transportation.

7. Wilderness Systems Heavy Duty Kayak Cart

Owing to its title of “Best transport” category of the Paddling magazine, the cart proves best for its application One of the rarest kinds to even support the Kayaks weighing over 400 pounds, it sets the best record and example for any manufacturer as well as the user.

With such a broadly approachable constructor that even without any kickstand or scupper posts, the task of loading and unloading is done safely. Bunker bars with adjustable frames are inbuilt within the cart to avoid slipping and twisting.  


  • The cart is one of the toughest ones available in the market.
  • Built for supporting any brand.
  • Most stable and popped base to avoid unusual jumps harming your kayak.


  • It’s available at $199 *, which is still expensive for many kayakers.
  • It is heavy and not feasible to be carried along while being at sea.

8. Malone Xpress Scupper-Style Kayak Cart For Sit-On-Top Kayaks

Setting the record straight this Malone Xpress is a fit choice for the kayaks having scupper holes and hence proves to be a practical and affordable choice.

Feasible for even wide and bulky kayaks that can be easily fitted into it after adjustment of the range of its hools between 6.5 to 615.5 inches.

The cart is even built with a non-corrosive aluminium frame which promises to last throughout the years without any dents and scratches on your kayak because of its foam-padded protection.

Keeping your kayak within the weight limit of 200 pounds this cart will find the best application for its purpose.


  • It has a durable and stable build.
  • The cart is quite light to carry easily.


  • The assembling of this card is quite complicated.
  • Manufacturing error numbers have quite risen since its release in the market.

9. Hobie Fold And Stow Kayak Cart

This Hobie fold and stow kayak cart prove to be one of those lightweight carts which tackle the problem of early and fast carriage and which was specifically designed to serve the purpose for easy and quick access of transport options from your campsite or car or mainland down till the water’s edge.

Although this cart comes with a limitation of not being able to be used at the beach, Sandy, rough and bouncy terrains, or even for covering long distances.

But these carts do have worth when you think of a cart for serving you well for limited short-range distances and for not so rough and complicated tracks.

Many kayakers recommend this card as an emergency vehicle for this stands as an option when you want to take your cart to the edge within a limited time span and choose not to drag or damage it as your option.

It is lightweight and easy to dislocate and handling this dolly is feasible for all types of kayaks. It does have a weight limit of hundred pounds making it not so feasible for wide and bulky kayaks. But  if you are just after an easy, friendly, and light  weighing cart then this must be your option from the box


  • It is lightweight and easy to fold.
  • Can carry any type of kayak within its range.
  • Powdered aluminum solid surface with the non-resistible feature is its frame.


  • Straps are not available with the cart.
  • Tires are flatable, increasing the hassle of pumps and extra cost for limited kayakers.

10. CAMBA Universal Kayak, Canoe, and Paddleboard Carrier

Setting a different construct and design CAMBA cart is different from many other carts available in the market. Displaying British Engineering and Technology, this cart is based upon the idea of enhancing the portability for paddlers in any environment.

Wheels here  are mounted at an unique angle  with a hemispherical shape to achieve the goal of easier transportation .

The frame support of the cart is built with a universal anodized aluminum structure that can be easily assembled and disassembled for proper storage. No complicated tools are required for setting up the cart and are also equipped with padding features to protect the carriage against any form of deterioration.

With the help of these floating axles and hemispherical wheels, the card is capable enough for suspending the lot with a stable and balanced posture even on the rough and bouncy ground.

Adding to the accessory list, a tie-down strap is also included which is supportable enough for handling a kayak of weightage more or less closer to  100 pounds.


  • Comes with a strong and stable build.
  • The non-corrosive and non-dental feature makes it last longer than usual.
  • Easy to fold and carry along.


  • Quite expensive for its features
  • The weightage limit is quite low hence this cart is limited for very small and light kayaks.

End Briefing To The Discussion

Although your choice can’t always be the first of a list, this guide is intended to let you frame a reference while being on board for your next or maybe the very first purchase of the cart.

Feel free to join this description with your better or lived feedbacks (if any ) in the comment section. We promise to serve you “First and Best ”always.

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