How To Kayak Alone In 2021?

How to Kayak Alone

Do you wanna know the ways or steps for How to Kayak Alone? Read on to know more.

Wandering around nature and spending time with trees, mountains and water bodies are the best pick for getting rejuvenated and relishing your leisurely moments.

Have you ever tried river rafting, fishing or Kayaking? If yes, then you must be itching for another round and if by any chance you never tried kayaking then my friend you are missing a lot of fun.

You must try it at least once in your lifetime. Kayaks are practically miniature versions of the watercraft and boats which are suitable for water adventure, sightseeing, fishing, a way for spending time with your friends, family or spouse away from hectic daily routine.

Similar to hiking, trekking, rafting etc. Kayaking can also be done alone. But it is significantly important to take care of all the necessary precautions including lifeguards, safety gears, helmet, gloves, swimsuit, waterproof swimming shoes, safety kit for calling help in moments of emergency (survival kit includes touch or led lights, flag, whistle, LED stickers on the kayak, water, some food or energy bars, medical toolbox) well nothing can beat human assistance and it is highly recommended to go for a solo kayaking trip only.

If you have tried riding kayaks earlier as well and have a pretty good amount of experience and knowledge along with all the required understandings related to handling, paddling, knowledge of survival kit, proficiency of basic repairs in case of damages along with the strength, confidence and wisdom for managing in the vital conditions like a sudden change in weather or high tides of storms etc. 

Travelling with your bunch of friends or family can be a recreational experience but going solo can be a relaxing and rejuvenating experience on the lap of nature, floating upon the lake, river or creeks with the natural music on (sound of birds, water and pleasing wind).

Without the chit chats of your peer mates, no bumpings, no competing, no meetings and greeting but just you, your kayak and the beautiful presence of nature. You can get the chance to hear your heart beating and can appreciate the beauty of the surroundings. 

Let’s Discuss What All Necessities Are Required For Kayaking Solo:

  • The riders must have a personal flotation device which is widely known as a life jacket the life saviour will help you to float on the above surface of the water so that in case of imbalance of the kayak due to being overweight or any other reason.
  • Obviously, the right size and lightweight kayak and paddles are easy to carry and comfortable to ride upon.
  • A survival kit is also a very fundamental requirement especially for those who would prefer riding alone. The list must involve some prime First Aid, some food and hydrates, some signs or symbols to call assistance.
  • Waterproof Shoes, helmets and gloves are other crucial elements to add to your kayaking essentials list.
  • Garbage bag to avoid littering in the water.
  • Your cell phone might not have the signals or appropriate network to contact help at the time of emergency so get yourself a whistle, some smoke bombs, touch or LED lights.
  • Anchors for stability and safe floating is another vital factor one should consider before planning your kayak trip.

There Are Three Different Ways You Can Do Kayaking Alone Which Are As Follows:

  • Kayaking around a small spot doesn’t exceed the boundary and kayaking downstream and kayaking upstream towards the back.
  • Roaming in the same spot and kayaking upstream and reversing downstream with the flow.
  • The final way is to just focus on downstream kayaking and use the ferry method for implementing your returns.

Do’s And Don’t You Must Take Care Of While Going For A Solo Kayaking Trip :


  • Make sure to carry your personal flotation device
  • Buying a good quality kayak and paddles are extremely crucial for your safe, relaxing and memorable solo kayaking trip.
  • Invest in high-quality helmets, safety gears, water-resistant footwear, gloves etc.
  • Safety equipment and first Aid kit is around the vital need for a solo travel
  • Fishing rod and storage box in case you are planning for fishing and make sure to slow down or stop the kayak and placing the anchor down into the water and then start with your fishing gears and store the fishing in the storage box or carry bag for better management.
  • Food and water for surviving energy.
  • Place the anchor in the centre of the kayak so that you can maintain stability and weight balance.
  • Carry an extra aluminium paddle that could be used in cases of emergency which might arise because of accidental falling and drowning of your paddles or damages that occurred because of some spontaneous bumps or hits.


  • Do not go for deeper lakes, rivers or creeks if you travelling solo
  • Do not overburden the kayak
  • Do not unnecessarily buy a bigger kayak
  • Do not settle for smaller kayaks just for saving a few extra bucks.
  • Do not bring needless and valuable things into the water because they might spoil and be lost during the travel.
  • Don’t eat and drink much upon the water and don’t even imagine littering your waste into the water instead carry a garbage bag.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What would be the biggest motivation for someone to plan a solo kayaking trip?

Ans. The reasons or motivations for travelling alone are endless and differs from person to person because some are seeking peace from their daily hustles of life and stressful work routine, some would prefer a trip alone for forgetting their grief or losses.

Some simply do not wants any disturbance or distraction while they are floating in the lap of nature, observing the trees, plants, Mountains, water, birds, sky, in short everything around and appreciating the beauty on the unsaid thoughts and the joy of paddling their kayak against the pleasantly breezy wind.

Q2. What is the safer option amongst the two; solo kayaking or kayaking with a group of people?

Ans. Kayaking alone can certainly be a more pleasant option and a better opportunity to feel closer to nature but if it is about safety then hands down travelling (kayaking) with a bunch of people is a safer and better option because human assistance is always the safest bit and no safety gears or equipment can beat that.

Moreover, the group of people can hold each other back in moments of danger and accidental change in weather situations or conditions and even together they can manage to conquer the high tide stormy situation which an individual can barely think of escaping.

Q3. What is the kayak weight limit for a solo rider?

Ans. The weight of the product depends upon the size and the capacity of the rider, which differs in terms of their height, weight and the equipment they carry alongside.

The grown-up or big guy suitable kayak weighs around 80 to 180 pounds with a capacity of 200 for a single rider including the fishing gears, storage bucket, paddles, other essential appliances for making your life easy.

Q4. Can a solo kayaker manage to do fishing as well while single-handedly managing the strokes of the paddle and the stability of the kayak?

Ans. Yes, if they are willing to do fishing while kayaking alone then they just need to make some necessary arrangements like placing the anchor down into the water and place it right wherever the rider is willing to throw their fishing rod and keep the storage box open and readily accessible to store the fishes in the most appropriate manner and make sure to not move much because then you might lose your balance and probabilities of drowning arises.

Try and plan the fishing in the daytime so that you do not need to wrap up early, spot the damage coming your way(if any), getting the optimum opportunities of pleasure and fun of your solo adventure kayaking and fishing trip and motivation for exploring more such things in the future.


Kayaking solo is a courageous step to be taken but one must have a sufficient amount of skills and experience to make the decision of kayaking alone and should do proper research related to the water level, help available around the water bodies, survival kit, etc other equipment for ensuring an astonishing trip to the lap of nature and the opportunity to heal your mind and soul with the freshness of nature’s goodness.

By taking care of all the necessary safety majors which are crucial for survival and building confidence for planning many more solo trips and the opportunity and the opportunity to explore the world without being bothered for a companion or a partner who can accompany you while wandering the beauty of the world and experiencing the joy of nature.

Give a brief read to the above article for a better understanding of the solo kayaking trip and the guide for tips and tricks to make it a successful touring and no chances of regretting your decision.

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